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Vehicle Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement

Bridgewater Windscreens will always attempt to repair your original windscreen first before replacing it. Of course this is not always possible since the damage may sometimes be too extensive for a safe repair.

Bridgewater Windscreens are able, in most instances, to deal directly with your insurance company and bill them directly for your replacement windscreen if required.

Replacement Service

Front (Heated) windscreen

On a heated front windscreen extra care will be taken not to cut through the electrical terminals attached to the windscreen.

Rear (Heated) windscreen

The heated rear windscreen is in some vehicles a laminated window and additional care will be applied as this particular glass is extremely fragile.

Door Glass

Having door glass broken can often be a traumatic event. Our experienced staff will help to alleviate any stress by quickly replacing the glass and vacuuming all traces of broken glass from the vehicle.

Quarter Glass

Sometimes the quarter light gets broken and needs to be replaced. This is not a problem as we stock a wide range of glass.

Leaking Seals

Sometimes windscreens leak and this can cause a nasty stench in your vehicle. We can quickly rectify any leaking windscreen by using top quality sealants or by removing and replacing the leaking window.

Convertible Glass Roof

The removal of the glass roof is of a specialist nature and therefore not a job in which any windscreen company can accommodate.

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