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Vehicle Glass Replacement

Why Repair?

  • A stone chip can escalate into a CRACK  at anytime. If this should happen while you are driving it could be DANGEROUS both to yourself and your passengers.
  • As your windscreen provides approximately 30% of your vehicle’s torsional rigidity — which in the event of a collision is paramount — a specialist ‘glass medic’ procedure will return the full strength to your windscreen, making it as good as new.
  • A specialist ‘glass medic’ repair usually takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. If this is successful you will be spared the cost of a replacement windscreen.
  • Stop the risk of your vehicle failing its MOT test. A stone chip that is directly in the driver’s field of vision will result in an MOT failure.
  • Bridgewater Windscreens can in most instances directly bill your insurance company for a replacement windscreen should your windscreen not be suitable for glass medic repair, making the replacement stress free. In most cases a replacement windscreen will not affect your accumulated no claims bonus.

*This is a guideline for repairs. You may still fail an MOT due to testers discretion.

Cracks and Scratches

It is not advisable to repair a cracked windscreen. If you are worried about a crack in your windscreen contact us and one of our technicians will advice you.

Should the windscreen on your vehicle become scratched, however minute the damage may appear, you may need to replace your windscreen.
Bridgewater Windscreens can give you professional advice on what is the best action to take.

Prevention! Better than the Cure!

Regular replacement of your windscreen wipers can greatly assist in preventing your windscreen becoming scratched. Bridgewater Windscreen can supply wipers for all makes and models of vehicles and will fit them free of charge if purchased from our company.

For Information on wipers please use Contact for a quote.

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