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About Bridgewater Windscreens

Bridgewater Windscreens are a well established business serving the North West area of the UK.

Body Shop Heated Rear Window Replacement

Body Shop Heated Rear Window Replacement

We have many years experience in the auto glazing industry and are specialists in body shop services, such as removal and refit of all vehicle glass.We can supply, fit and reseal all glass to every vehicle from cars to large HGV commercial vehicles. If your company operates one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, we can quickly accommodate your requirements.

Bridgewater windscreen was established in 2000 and boasts over 25 years experience in the industry. Our company is insurance recommended and able to cover most insurance work facilitating direct billing to your insurance should you require doing so. We can also repair your stone chipped windscreen free of charge.

We are a 24 hour, no call out, mobile service.

We are ATA approved and therefore able to work to PAS125

We can accommodate any vehicle from small cars, performance cars right through to HGV commercial vehicles.


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