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Save on the cost of a replacment windscreen with a GLASS MEDIC windscreen repair!

Our Service Quality and Guarantee

Our workmanship is guaranteed for the duration of time you own your vehicle.

  • For the re-fitting of all glass we use a high quality, branded, windscreen bond, which is both ‘High Modulus’ with ‘Low Conductivity’, specially designed for alloy and steel bodied vehicles.
  • This product also allows 1 hour drive away time (twin airbag vehicles).
  • The High Modulus properties help the torsional rigidity of the car body shell, and its Low Conductivity ensures lasting corrosion protection.
  • The bond is also a surface preparation solution, unique because by having an especially short evaporation time it removes all contamination from the vehicle frame and the windscreen.
  • This particular bond also boasts an excellent UV protection.
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