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Manchester Windscreen Replacement Services:

Lamborghini Windscreen ReplacementFront (Heated) windscreen

  • On a heated front windscreen extra care will be taken not to cut through the electrical terminals attached to the windscreen.

Rear (Heated) windscreen

  • The heated rear windscreen is in some vehicles a laminated window and additional care will be applied as this particular glass is extremely fragile.

Door glass

  • Having door glass broken can often be a traumatic event. Our experienced staff will help to alleviate any stress by quickly replacing the glass and vacuuming all traces of broken glass from the vehicle.

Quarter lights

  • Sometimes the quarter light gets broken and needs to be replaced. This is not a problem as we stock a wide range of glass.

Convertible Roof glass

  • The removal of the glass roof is of a specialist nature and therefore not a job in which any windscreen company can accommodate.


  • Sometimes windscreens leak and this can cause a nasty stench in your vehicle. We can quickly rectify any leaking windscreen by using top quality sealants or by removing and replacing the leaking window.
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